VIP MemberShip

7.50 GBP

VIP members get access to the following perks:

-=- On All Servers -=-
A [VIP] suffix next to your name in chat.
(Comes in a choice of colours.)
A gold name tag in the player list.
Chat colours - Use colour codes to talk in colour.
Chat formatting - Use format codes to talk in Bold/Italic etc.
/pet - Have a pet follow you around.
/pet hat - Wear your pet as a hat!
/hat - Wear a block on your head!
/ptime - Set the time for yourself (doesn't effect server/mobs).
/pweather - Set the weather for yourself (doesn't affect server).
/near - See a list of players nearby.
/seen - See when a player was last online.
(Applies to the server you're on, not the network.)
/pp - Summon particle effects.
/music - Open a music player.

-=- On Survival, PureSurvival and Creative -=-
/rename - Rename what you hold.
/relore - Add lore to the item you hold.
/sr characters - Use special characters in names.
/rocket editor - Make fireworks the easy way.
/skull - Get someone's head.
/bm - Create custom banners easily.
/paintingselector - Choose which painting to place.
(shift + right click toggles through all the options.)
/kittycannon - Launch exploding cats... If your into that sort of thing.
/compass /getpos - See what direction you're facing, and where you are.
/pet ride - Ride your pet!
/sorti - Sort your Inventory.
/sortc - Sort the chest you are looking at.
Click things with dyes to change their colour.
Use the armour stand editor - Right click with flint to open.
Use colour and formatting codes on signs.
Join Survival, Creative and PureSurvival even if they're full!


VIP Membership is permanent.

If you have already bought Supporter, the cost of this package will automatically be decreased.

Please note that some perks may not be available after major minecraft updates, as we have to wait for third party plugins to update. Please check for full details.

After purchasing package, join the server. Within 5 minutes of purchase your rank should be activated.