A-List Membership

3.75 GBP

A-List Membership Perks:

  • Pet Blocks
    Yes, that is what you think. You can have a block that follows you around, which you can also ride and wear as a hat.
    Use /petblocks to get started! Available on Survival, Creative, PureSurvival and Hub Servers.
  • Wings
    Particles that kind look like wings... or a jet pack. So you look cool when you're flying.
    Open the wing selector with /wings. Available on Survival, Creative, PureSurvival and Hub Servers.
  • Open a workbench anywhere!
    Just use /craft and you can save yourself needing a real crafting table!
  • Chicken Glide
    Chickens fall slower than players. Now you can hold onto one and slow your fall. Available only on Creative, Survival and PureSurvival.
  • A Symbol only suffix.
    No silly "VIP" in the middle of your suffix, just three symbols, of your choice, in your choice of colours.* Customise with /ccsuffix.

* A choice of 48 different symbols, in 16 colours.

A-List memberships last for one month. It can be bought alongside VIP and VIP+ and you will inherit the perks from both ranks.